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1. How much to rent a boat?

2. What equipment do you have for rent?

  • We offer Alpacka and Kokopelli brand packrafts, Aquabound paddles, and MTI pfds. Packrafts are available in traditional, self-bailing, and skirted versions. We are happy to speak with you to share our exact available inventory for your rental period. We do sometimes experience full rental of our fleet during peak season (April-October), so contacting us early is best. 

3. Do you charge for the rental during shipping to and from?

  • No - but we do require a minimum 3 days of rental if we are shipping gear to you.

4. When does the rental period begin and end?

  • The first day is the first full day that you have your rental in hand, and ends when you post the rental back to us.

5. Do you charge shipping?

  • Yes, we charge for shipping both ways to and from your location.  We will provide pre-printed return labels for your return. The renter is responsible for rental period, based on the date they get the gear shipped back.

6. What shipping service do we use?

  • Generally we like to use Fedex or UPS ground.  If we have to, we will use any shipping service to get your rental in time!

7. Have your boats ever been late for a rental?

  • NO!


8. Refunds

  • If trip plans change we understand!  You may move your rental to another time- dependent on availability, even to the next season.  If you want to cancel altogether, at least a month prior to reservation, a 20% fee will be assessed. ​

9. Do you offer discounts for...?

  • During the peak season (April-September), we do not offer discounts.  In the off season we may have discounted rates. Contact us for more info!

10. Do you offer boats for sale?

  •  Check our used boats page we will update when boats become availabe for sale!

9. I have more questions, who should I contact?

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